What Makes the Job So Difficult for an Anti Rootkit Scanner

What makes the job so difficult for an anti rootkit scanner, why it is so difficult to detect rootkit find out including 5 anti rootkit tools.

Anti Rootkit Scanner
Anti Rootkit Scanner

Rootkits are very difficult to detect if not impossible. Most antivirus solutions have trouble detecting them which is why an anti rootkit scanner is required. If they remain undetected, rootkits can survive on a system for years. During which they are used to access system resources and steal information.

Why are Rootkits so Difficult to Detect?

A rootkit is a piece of malware that behaves differently than viruses. They can run completely undetected as they do not show as a process in the task manager. The attacker installs the rootkit with elevated privileges. As the name implies, “root” means that it targets the admin account or privileges.

They can remain undetected because have a stealth operation. Also, because they have elevated rights, they can even disable antivirus software. Detecting them is increasingly difficult especially since modern computers have a lot of processing power and the resources used by a rootkit make it unnoticeable.

Rootkits have evolved over time, becoming more complex and more powerful. There are 4 different types of rootkits: Kernel mode, user mode, rootkits, and firmware rootkits. All of them work by obtaining elevated rights within a system and they serve nearly the same purpose.

Detecting and Removing Rootkits Using an Anti Rootkit Scanner

There are dedicated tools to remove rootkits but there are also antivirus suites that can protect your system against such threats.

Here are 5 anti rootkit scanners that provide good support and protection against such threats.

Spy Hunter 5

Spy Hunter 5 is not an antivirus per se but it is a highly ranked anti-malware tool that can scan, detect, and remove rootkits. It can detect Trojans, hijackers, malware, and adware but it also works great when it comes to rootkits. The application is very minimalistic with only a few basic features but it is very easy to use and intuitive.

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is certainly a name with which most should be familiar. It is a popular antivirus used by IT professionals and home users alike. It is quite competent at detecting rootkits but what makes it a great pick is that it serves as a great prevention tool. When paired with a freshly installed OS, chances of getting a rootkit are minimal.

Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser is a very powerful tool that is offered completely for free. The scanned was designed to detect malware, hidden viruses, and rootkits. It manages to detect and remove them with great accuracy. It is also portable thus no installation is required and it has a minimalistic GUI.

Malwarebytes Anti Rootkit

The current version of the rootkit remover from Malwarebytes is still in beta but works well. It scans the entire system very fast and has a high detection rate. The tool has definition updates for all the latest malware and rootkits and has a very minimal interface, making it very straight forward and easy to use.

Panda Anti-Rootkit

The Panda Anti-Rootkit scanner is yet another free tool. What makes it much better than most competitors is the fact that it has a deep scan that requires a system restart. The scan is done before Windows starts, allowing it to have a higher detection rate. It also has an update system to load the latest definitions for malware and a very friendly user interface making it a very reliable anti rootkit scanner.

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