Top 4 best Root kit Scanners

A root kit is a harmful form of the malware. In this article we are giving you a brief introduction on rootkit and the best root kit scanner currently available.

best root kit scanners
best root kit scanners

Rootkit brief introduction:

Rootkit gains access to the operating system of the PC or laptop and capable of hiding itself from the firewall and the antivirus programs. Sometimes the administrators, network, and the management utilities are not able to detect the virus.

In some of the operating system like Linux, it is capable of modifying or replacing dozens of files. While in the window, it can only replace the data in the memory and maybe modify the system files.

It is nearly next to impossible to identify the form of the rootkit malware. Once it present in the system and which files are modified or replaced in your absence.

If the system gets attacked by the root kit, then it gives access to the attackers. They can look into your system and steals all the data like documents, passwords, and they can also turn your pc or laptop into a botnet.

To stop the malware from entering in your PC, there are best root kit scanners available in the market. Which prevents the malware from entering in to the system and will show you a notification of removing them.

We will show a complete list of the scanners as some of the experienced users want the advanced root kit scanner which comes with more advanced options, and some of them need the common for the normal one.

Let us discuss the best root kit scanner:

Bitdefender root kit remover is designed to remove all known root kits effectively and quickly in less than a minute. It is best for normal computer users. It removes the root kits which affect the area of volume boot record, master boot record, or the section of boots from where the computer starts.

GMER comes with the clunky interface, and you may require technical knowledge for using it. It is the best tool for removing stubborn root kit. It is generally designed for experienced users.

Avast aswMBR, one of the most used and loved root kit scanner as it is able to detect all the root kits. The best part is that it comes with an MBR function. An MBR function which allows the user to do the master boot for faster speed.

The latest version of the root kit comes with the best user interference. Now the company also ensures that the version comes with the virtualization technology. In the new version, you will be able to detect the stealth virus.

Kaspersky TDSSkiller, comes with user-friendly interference . It comes with quick scanning software which enables to scan and remove the malware quickly. The great thing about it is that it has the high detection rate for detecting and removing the virus. You can see from its name that it offers a limited amount of the services as it is specially designed for the TDSS root kit.

These all are the best root kit scanners, which will help you in detecting and removing all the harmful malware.

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