How to Remove and Prevent Rootkit by a Rootkit Scanner Windows 10?

Here is an easy to follow guide on how to remove and prevent rootkit by a rootkit scanner windows 10.

rootkit scanner windows 10
rootkit scanner windows 10 | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A Rootkit is among those which are difficult for removing and detecting. There are different ways in which they enter in our system, and especially they target Windows 10. The majority of attackers use Rootkit for hiding their appearance, and they are also able to hide the malware on the user device.

If you don’t solve this problem, and then the malware can stay in your pc for long-time, which can harm the performance of the computer. There is a chance for losing the information into other hands with the malware. It is important for you to know about the Rootkit scanner windows 10, which will help you to save your computer from these devices.

These days, several types of 78researches have stated that malware can affect your computer in many ways. You don’t have to worry as there are some fantastic ways for removing the Rootkit from your pc. If you have windows ten installed in your computer, then it will be difficult for you to know about the malware as the program is large and you may be thinking that it may be caused due to the system problem. Let us discuss some of the important tricks which you can use for detecting and removing the malware.

How can you detect Rootkit in windows 10?

The best way for you to determine whether the system is infected by the Rootkit or not is to review the TCP packets which are impacted in the device. If you have a huge network, then this method will be best for you.

You will get to know about the window firewall, whether it is working properly or not. It will be the first goal you need to consider to look for the window firewall rating, and if it shows the low rating, then you will be sure if the system is having malware or not.

You can also go for the logging solution for checking the malware as the system will alert you about the traffic which is entering on your computer through other sources. If you don’t know what it is, then you can block them directly.

How can you prevent a Rootkit attack?

Going for the safe mode:

You may find different software for doing that by you are not aware of Rootkit scanner windows 10 as this software is already installed in your computer for preventing others from harming it. You can go for different methods, but before going for them, you need to boot the operating system in safe mode.

Enabling the windows device guard:

It will be best for you to enable the windows device guard as it will ensure you to have the additional protection, and there will be no chance of having the malware in your system. When you go for the safe mode, then you will know that the Rootkit will don’t know about the investigations which were started by you for checking for errors.

How can you remove the Rootkit?

If you have windows ten as the operating system, then you have several options for removing it. Let us discuss them below.

Windows defender:

You will have the option for scanning for the malware by using the windows defender in the offline mode. You will find some of the options like advanced, quick, custom, and full scan. When you select the type for scanning, then it will reboot the system and start the process of scanning.


These all are the things you need to know about the Rootkit scanner for detecting and preventing Rootkit in windows 10.


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