All you need to know about Malwarebytes anti rootkit

In this article, we will talk about all you need to know about Malwarebytes anti rootkit a tool to find a remove a special type of malware call rootkit. Why is it so special you ask? Keep on reading. BTW, did you know that rootkit has it’s own special removal tool?

Malwarebytes anti rootkit
Malwarebytes anti rootkit | Image credit by Mlwarebytes

Rootkits are malicious software which when on a computer, gain access to all the user’s data, passwords and other sensitive information without his knowledge. When the spy has successfully installed the software on the user’s computer, he can obtain all the information and also manipulate the data, alter the settings and the configuration on the host computer. It is similar to other malicious software, but here the user will not have a clue about the activities happening on his computer nor about the software. It is extremely complicated to identify a rootkit due to its clandestine character. However, anti-rootkits can help in preventing rootkit attacks.

What is Malwarebytes anti rootkit?

Malwarebytes anti rootkit is a software that scans and removes all types of rootkits. It works on all operating systems and is free to download as well. This program is designed to protect your computer from attacks. The interface is easy to use, and anyone can download it regardless of possessing technical knowledge or not. When a computer gets infected by a rootkit, Malwarebyte can be installed effortlessly and scanned for the malicious program. Due to its portability, users find it useful than ever. If your system is already damaged, then again not to worry as Malwarebytes anti rootkit can fix the damage too.

How does Malware anti-rootkit remove rootkits?

Usually, it is hard to identify a rootkit, but when you notice a rootkit infection in your system, you can use it without having to install it as it is portable. If you don’t know how it works, then they have got you covered with a step-by-step guide on the same. You can go through that and download it.

After you download malwarebytes anti rootkit, you will have to update the software and then start the scan. Scanning will be done on your files, system drives and also your hard disk. Before you start the scan, it is advised to have a backup of all your vital documents if in case you lose any during the scan. It’s always better to have multiple backups on your device.

Once the scan is completed, it will alert you if your files are infected. If there are, then click on the clean-up button. Once it is cleaned, your computer is rebooted, and you can start working on it as usual. Now, all the rootkits are removed from your device and safe. It might take a while, it doesn’t happen in a jiffy, but your files will be free of all the viruses.

To restore and fix your files

Your files may be quarantined during the scan, so if you wish to get back your files, then you have to download Malwarebytes anti-malware and install it. It will help you in restoring the files, but you need to be mindful of it because you don’t want to get your system infected again, right?

To help you fix the damage done to your operating system while scan, Malwarebytes anti rootkit has included a program that takes care of such issues. So, you no longer have to worry about having any of your files damaged. The fix damage tool is truly the most beneficial thing of Malwarebytes anti-rootkit. It ensures your files are scanned and also ensures the damages are fixed.

Pros of using Malwarebytes anti-rootkit

  • It is portable which makes it easier to use in other systems and update.
  • The tool has a fix-damage tool that repairs any damage done to your system while scanning.
  • It is free to download. You need not pay for any plans to use the services.
  • The platform is easy to use which makes it suitable for everyone.
  • Quick-fixes of malicious files. The scan is completed in few minutes successfully with malwarebytes anti rootkit.

Why is Malwarebytes anti rootkit necessary?

Well, it all comes down to whether you want your computer to stay away from malicious software or not. It is necessary for this digital era, where all the illicit activities are taking place. Online thefts are on the rise and to safeguard your data, malwarebytes anti rootkit is the one. You need not worry about your data going in the hands of the wrong ones. The anti-rootkit is necessary for all the right reasons, and there is no harm in choosing the software for your benefits. You can scan your system and get rid of the most harmful viruses on your system without any complications.

Can Malwarebytes be trusted?

Malwarebytes anti rootkit is at the beta stage of development presently. That means there might be certain bugs and cannot be regarded as completely safe. However, it is indeed legitimate and the best part is, it is free. Numerous people use Malwarebytes and it is a quite popular anti-rootkit software too.

If you’re planning to use it for free, then it has to be started manually. If you want it to start automatically, then the paid version does so. It sure is an efficient software that successfully removes the viruses and keeps your system clean.


To sum it up, malware bytes anti-rootkit is a safe, trusted, and easy-to-use platform to eliminate the rootkits from your system. As it is, rootkits are hard to detect, but Malwarebytes make it easier by providing the best services to all the types of users. It is a complete package with a bunch of features and all for free. So, malwarebytes anti rootkit is sure the software to be used for keeping your computer safe.

Your sensitive data will be in safe hands with frequent scans and updates of the software. The tool to fix any damages is also a beneficial feature along with its portability One can effortlessly download and start the scan right away on their computers or update on other systems and then run on the infected computer. The flexibility that it offers is positively helpful. No longer have to worry about the dangerous viruses attacking the system anytime.

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