All About Doom Eternal Rootkit

In this article, we will talk about the new doom eternal rootkit. A way that the company engages rootkit technology to fight game cheats. If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you must have already caught up with the craze of Doom Eternal, which is the fifth installment of the Doom Series.

Doom eternal rootkit
Doom eternal rootkit | Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The game revolves around players taking up the avatar of Doom Slayer and fighting against the evil forces of Hell. The complete gaming scenario happens in a first-person narrative. It has been developed by id Software and has taken the world by storm ever since its release by Bethesda Softworks.

Why Is Doom Eternal Being Treated As A Rootkit?

There is a controversy doing the rounds that Doom Eternal has turned a rootkit and hence people are not feeling safe to install it in their personal computers anymore. This article will cover all about the Doom Eternal rootkit scenario.

What Is A Rootkit?

A rootkit is a collection of codes bundled as software that helps in providing means of unauthorized entry to your personal devices or software. A rootkit is used as a negative connotation. This is because this kit of software can be automatically downloaded into your system. It can give unbridled access to your devices and personal virtual areas. A hacker can also launch it on your computer by hiding it within the software that you might inadvertently install or update.

The problem with a rootkit is it can hide its presence well which can pose a security threat to your personal information stored in the virtual world.

All About Doom Eternal Rootkit

On May 14, 2020, Denuvo launched a code as an update for Doom Eternal which is supposed to be a part of its improved version of the anti-cheat system. According to the information released by Irdeto, the parent company of Denuvo, the new anti-cheat update will allow innumerable hours at the gaming portal by multiple players without any virtual hindrance and different icons popping up. This update is a part of a two-year access program that will extend the latest benefits to the players of Doom Eternal.

This seems like good news but many fans of Doom Eternal are feeling betrayed with this latest update. They believe that Doom Eternal has become a rootkit, thanks to the Denuvo anti-cheat update. The gamers are concerned that the oom Eternal rootkit’ operates at a kernel-level which gets downloaded and stored in the Program Files of the computer when the player starts the game. On top of it, the gamers are worried that allowing a Ring 0 level access while the game is running can pose a huge risk to the security system of the computer.

The Kernel rings:

Rings are used for protecting the data. Each ring level needs permission to access the inner rings for interacting with the data. The gamers feel that by granting the innermost Ring 0 access to Doom Eternal, it is making their data susceptible to unauthorized exposure and malicious attacks.

However, representatives from Denuvo claimed that the anti-cheat software launches when the player starts the game and ends when the player exits the game. Denuvo representatives emphatically claimed that the software set-up is GDPR-compliant and it is not designed to pry into personal data when the game is running. The anti-cheat driver does not scan the data or take screenshots of the system. The representatives claimed that the software update is just meant to gauge the interaction between the gaming platform and the operating system and relay information in case of any cheating scenario.

The gamers are not yet convinced and still feel that currently, Doom Eternal is becoming a rootkit for them. Only time will tell how Denuvo caters to this software update scenario and how the Doom Eternal rootkit situation pans out in the future.

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